Cees Wiegel aan het werk

Influencing Behaviour

Knowledge and skills are important and constitute the foundation of every day work. However, often behaviour blocks growth and achieving results. Like no other Cees knows how to influence behaviour. He is a certified behavioural consultant. Mostly the starting point to change behaviour is the TSI behaviour analysis (www.mdi.nl). Hundreds of people have experienced that an insight in your own behaviour can form the foundation to changes that may lead to better performance. Cees was please to help them acquire this insight.

Jeroen de Koning, AQ services international

Working with behavioural insights gives me the support I need in performance and development discussions with staff. It also reduces the sensitivity of these discussions. As it clarifies behaviour for both manager and staff, TSI provides support for decisions in these areas.

Cees Wiegel did an excellent Job in training us how to use these analysis.

Singapore, june 8 2011